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Christina Bilan's Story

Christina Bilan is a jewelry designer based in Dallas, Texas, whose unique pieces originate from all over the globe. Christina’s love of travel and spirituality is apparent in each of her creations. Drawn to the religious art of Thailand, India, Europe and South America, Christina began designing jewelry for herself from the trinkets she collected abroad. Soon, friends and family were asking for an original piece. The hobby quickly turned into a passion, and now a successful line of jewelry.

Striking is the clearest way to describe Christina’s jewelry. Her designs have a mystical attraction. It’s almost as if the piece speaks to the intended wearer. Complimentary is another term associated with Christina’s works. Clients comment how they are often stopped by strangers who remark on the beauty and originality of Christina’s designs. Her eye-catching creations have gained the attention of top celebrity stylists, and her long list of loyal clients can’t get enough. Rarely does one own a single piece of Christina Bilan’s designs.

Christina and her three sisters were born from immigrant parents. Her Ukrainian father and German mother instilled in their children an appreciation of nature’s beauty. Christina incorporates specific gems and stones known for their vibrational qualities to compliment the pendants and further add to the aura of the piece. Christina explains, "I design jewelry that has meaning. Each piece is made with a specific intent while maintaining its overall aesthetic appeal."

Founded in 2007, Christina Bilan Designs has enjoyed word-of-mouth praise and referrals from her clients. Her website, launched in October of 2008, provides an online storefront to service customers all over the world. “I’m excited to bring my work out to a new audience,” says Christina. “Sometimes it’s hard to part with a piece because I’ve put so much heart into it. Then I see the look on my customer’s face and I’m filled with appreciation.”

Through her travels, Christina observed the impact and influence of different religions in the lives of its people and how spirituality affects cultures. It was clear to her, no matter what one's individual beliefs might be, people are tied together by the need and desire to find spiritual happiness and balance in life. Her own desire for this is evident in her work. “Designing jewelry was really a way for me to find my center,” Christina explains.

Some might see Christina Bilan Designs as captivating pieces of art, while others might wear them as a form of spiritual reflection. For Christina, this is a joyful passion. "The art of jewelry design is a very powerful and personal experience for me,” she says. “I believe that each piece should complement the individual who wears it. Not only should it look good on you, but it should make you feel good as well."

There is an energy to Christina’s designs. They have been described as magnetic. “I’ve noticed that when people try on my jewelry, they tend to gravitate to one piece. I watch them try on others and go back to that special one. That’s usually the design they end up wearing home.”

Christina is excited to take the next step and bring her designs to a broader retail market. As she expands her business, she reflects on how this has all come together: “This has been such an amazing unfolding of events. I started doing it out of my own curiosity and desire to have something unique. I never expected that others would be interested in what I was creating, or that clients would be calling me for custom pieces. It’s really been magical. And I’m happy that others enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I love creating it.”

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